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Our products are unusual and sometimes raise a question or two.

In order to provide you with all the information you need, we have answered the most frequently asked questions here. In addition, you will find a FAQ section on every product page with questions and answers about the respective product. If your question remains unanswered, please call us or send us an e-mail. You will find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

  • BEDS

What happens if I spill water and the cardboard furniture gets wet?

No need to panic! Simply wipe up the liquid on the cardboard with a dry cloth without detergent and let the rest air dry. As long as only a small area has become wet, you do not need to worry about the stability of the cardboard furniture. However, your furniture should never be permanently exposed to moisture, as this can cause it to lose stability. Please check the stability of the furniture after each contact with liquid. 

Can I look at the product on site, buy them or pick them up?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to shop, view furniture or pick up orders on site at our Berlin office.

Is cardboard furniture sensitive to fire?

Our furniture does not have a fire protection classification.

Help, I have misplaced the assembly instructions. What now?

That's no problem. Here you can download all the instructions in PDF format.

What are the ingredients of cardboard furniture?

Our cardboard furniture is made exclusively from certified corrugated cardboard. This is made from 54 to 80 % recycled material and is 100% recyclable. The remaining part consists of fresh paper fibres from sustainable forestry. Corrugated board is a natural product made from cellulose and corn or wheat-based adhesives. The inks used are solvent-free and neither toxic nor harmful to health. Thus, our cardboard furniture is an all-round ecological, harmless product.

There are small tears in the top material on the inside of my cardboard furniture, is my cardboard furniture damaged?

This so-called "angel hair" in the top web of the corrugated board can occur during production when the die-cutting tool cuts out the corrugated board. This is not a material defect and is not a reason for complaint. Normally the angel hair is on the inside and should not be visible on the outside. Unfortunately, due to the thickness of the material we use, we cannot avoid this 100%. The only alternative would be to use a weaker quality of material, which in turn would have a negative effect on the stability. In any case, you don't need to worry about the quality and stability of the cardboard furniture - this is not affected in any way.

Is there a possibility to get a colour sample?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If you don't like the color you ordered, you can return your order to us within the cancellation period and we will refund the purchase price.

Can I also paint the cardboard furniture?

If your cardboard furniture is too pale for you, you can give it a coat of paint to your taste. You can use acrylic paint, for example, which you apply thinly and evenly with a foam roller. Of course, we cannot guarantee the perfect end result. So it's best to test the paint on an inconspicuous area beforehand. 

How can I dispose of my cardboard furniture?

If at some point your cardboard furniture has had its day and is no longer suitable for passing on, it can simply be disposed of in the waste paper bin. The material then flows back into the raw material cycle and can be processed into new corrugated cardboard. 

Shouldn't cardboard furniture be cheaper?

Our furniture is not comparable with moving boxes or shipping packaging. This standard packaging is produced from low-quality cardboard in millions of copies and is correspondingly cheap. RIAB cardboard furniture, on the other hand, is made in Germany in significantly smaller quantities from the best available corrugated cardboard qualities and assembled by hand. The result is high-quality furniture that you will enjoy for a long time.

How can I clean my cardboard furniture?

Only use dry or damp, soft cotton cloths to clean your cardboard furniture. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents.

How durable is cardboard furniture?

Each of our pieces of furniture is designed as a fully-fledged alternative to a conventional piece of furniture and is manufactured to a correspondingly high quality. With good treatment, you can expect a durability of about 10 years. 

Why is cardboard furniture more sustainable than conventional furniture?

Due to its high recycled content (54 to 80 %), corrugated cardboard furniture uses very few resources. The fresh paper fibres that provide the necessary stability of the furniture come exclusively from sustainable forestry. The furniture can be fully recycled at the end of its life cycle. Simply throw it in the waste paper bin so that the material flows back into the recycling loop. In addition to the low consumption of resources, cardboard furniture releases many times less CO2 and is more climate-friendly than conventional furniture. For example: the Bed 2.0 has a significantly lower environmental impact than a conventional bed. The CO2 footprint - and thus the contribution to global warming - is 280 times lower, it uses 8,000 times less energy and transport is also 4 times more climate-friendly thanks to its light weight.


How do Bed 2.0 and the GRID Bed differ?

Both types of beds have their own unique advantages. The Bed 2.0 can be assembled within a few seconds, depending on the desired size. Since it comes pre-assembled, it can be easily set up and, if needed, quickly folded and stored in a space-saving manner. It is adjustable in both width and length and is currently available in 7 colors.

The GRID Bed is delivered to your home in separate parts and can be assembled within a few minutes. It is adjustable in width but not in length and offers ample storage space beneath the sleeping surface, which can be efficiently utilized with the appropriate drawers. You can get it in black and natural cardboard.

Do I need a slatted frame for the beds?

No, you don't need a separate slatted frame. Simply place the mattress on the bed. The rhombus construction of the Bed 2.0, the integrated slats of the GRID Bed and the high permeability of the corrugated board ensure sufficient air circulation. By the way: the German consumer protection organisation Stiftung Warentest (link) explicitly advises its readers to use a rigid grate as a base. That's exactly what our cardboard beds do.

How do I change the size of the beds?

Can I extend the bed after the initial set-up?

You can adjust the size of your bed to your needs at any time. Both the GRID Bed and the Bed 2.0 can be easily connected to another bed of the same type or enlarged with the help of extension sets. In the assembly instructions for each bed, we explain how to achieve your desired bed size.

Can I also divide my double bed into two single beds?

Our double beds (size Large) consists of two connected single beds (size Small), which you can separate at any time by removing the connectors.

How high are the beds?

The bed slides on the floor. What can I do?

If you have a very smooth floor in your bedroom, such as parquet or laminate, it can happen that the bed slides a little. If this bothers you, a classic anti-slip underlay for carpets can help. These are available very inexpensively online or at your local DIY store.

Which mattress fits my cardboard bed?

An excellent complement to our sustainable cardboard beds is our natural latex mattress. Generally, all mattress types except futons are compatible with our beds. However, make sure that the mattress is at least 15 cm high and medium-firm to firm. 

Can I use two single mattresses on a double bed?

Yes, this is possible. In this case, we recommend the use of a rubberised mattress protector, which is placed between the bed and the mattresses so that the mattresses cannot slip apart. It is also helpful to use a fitted sheet that covers both mattresses.

BED 2.0

What bed size do I need for my mattress?

On page 5 of our assembly instructions you will find a size chart that shows you which bed size you need for your mattress and whether an additional extension set is necessary.

How do I set up the Bed 2.0?

Depending on the size of your Bed 2.0, you only have to pull it up or convert it with a few simple steps. The assembly or conversion is described in our assembly instructions and does not require any tools.

Which additional parts do I need to enlarge my Bed 2.0?

In our assembly instructions you will find an overview of the different Bed 2.0 sizes and the number of components used in each case. How to remove or add components (rhombuses) is explained here as well.

Size S to size M

Starting from the delivery state size S, you need a total of 6 additional rhombs to reach the delivery state size M. You therefore need three extension sets.

Size M to size L

Two S-beds are needed, which are connected to form a large L-bed. Please buy an additional S-bed and convert your old M-bed back to the size of an S-bed. Unfortunately, the conversion is not possible with the help of one or more extension sets. To convert the M-bed back to an S-bed (in each case as delivered), 6 rhombs must be removed from the M-bed.

After connecting the beds, the frame protrudes under the mattress. How can I fix this?

You have probably connected the beds together incorrectly. It is best to look again at page 11 of the assembly instructions again. It describes how the beds must be positioned in order to connect them correctly. The sides with the closed rhombuses form the head and foot sections of the bed frame.

How resilient is the Bed 2.0?

Our Bed 2.0 in the version as a single bed (size Small) carries one person, from size Medium two and as a family bed up to four people with a respective body weight up to 100 kg. It can be opened and closed hundreds of times.

Can I have sex on the Bed 2.0 without it collapsing?

In our Bed 2.0, you can do everything you do in any other bed, ordinary or extraordinary. Even sex. We have tested this especially for you in a long-term study. Our bed has been tested by the German TÜV according to DIN EN 1725 and therefore meets all the requirements that a bed must fulfill in Germany.

How is sufficient air circulation ensured in the Bed 2.0?

The material corrugated board is generally very breathable. Due to the rhombus construction and the slits on the sides, the air is additionally pumped outwards when moving on the Bed 2.0. To ensure this, there should be a gap about the width of a hand between the walls and the long sides of your bed. This prevents the possible formation of mould.

How do I stow the Bed 2.0 when I don't need it?

The Bed 2.0 folds flat so you can store it to save space. When you lay it on its side, you can put the mattress on top of it against the wall. 


What size of the GRID Bed do I need for my mattress?

The GRID Bed in Small size is designed for mattresses with a width of 80 cm, 90 cm or 100 cm. For 120 cm and 140 cm wide mattresses choose the Medium GRID Bed, and 160 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm wide mattresses combine with the GRID Bed in Large.

How do I assemble the GRID Bed?

No tools are required to assemble and convert the storage bed. In your package you will find a quick start guide and a QR code that will take you to the detailed online instructions.

Are the drawers included in the scope of delivery?

No, the drawers are not included. You can order them here.

How resilient is the GRID Bed?

In the Small size, the GRID Bed is suitable for one person, from the Medium size for two people and in the Family bed size for up to four people with a body weight of 100 kg each. The GRID Bed has been tested according to the standards DIN EN 1725:1998-02 (safety requirements and test methods for beds and mattresses) and DIN EN 1022:2019-04 (provisions of stability for furniture).

How do I assemble the shelf?

The shelf modules can be assembled and connected with a few simple steps and without tools. The instructions for this are enclosed with your shelf. You can also download them here

How high can I stack the shelf?

The maximum permissible stacking height is six modules.

Can I also convert the shelf again?

You can flexibly adapt the shelf to your needs and reassemble it again and again. The individual modules are joined together horizontally and vertically with connectors that can be easily detached and reinserted. 

Can I hang the shelf freely on the wall?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The shelf must always stand on the floor.

Do I have to fix the shelf to the wall?

Yes, each shelf module comes with a wall fastening with which the shelf can be fixed to the wall. From a height of 3 modules, the top module must be connected to the wall. You can find more detailed information on this in the shelf instructions.

Can the individual shelf modules be connected to each other?

Yes, the shelf modules can be securely joined together to form one large shelf using the connecting elements supplied. Slipping is thus prevented.

Can I drill small holes in the back wall for cable routing?

Yes, you can drill a hole in the rear wall for cable routing. Please note, however, that any modification of a shelf module or accessory component will invalidate the legal warranty and we can no longer guarantee the load-bearing capacity. The shelf must always be checked for stability afterwards.

Is the shelf module also available in other colours?

The shelf module is only available in the colour natural. The inserts are available in the colours natural, white, black and sage.

Do all inserts fit in every shelf?

In general, all shelf inserts can be placed completely flexibly on the shelf. 

How do I install the shelf inserts?

All shelf inserts can be assembled and inserted into your shelf in a few simple steps. The instructions are enclosed with your shelf. You can also download them here

Can I also move the inserts with in the shelf?

The inserts can be easily removed from the shelf module. This way you can change their position flexibly.

How resilient is the shelf?

Each shelf module has a maximum load capacity of 10 kg. If several modules are stacked on top of each other, the modules from the fourth row onwards may only be loaded with 7.5 kg. The load capacity of the shelf surface is max. 2.5 kg per module.

Can I also use the shelf for files?

Yes, standardised folders fit into the shelf modules without any problems. 

Can the shelf be used as a bench?

The shelf must not be used as a seat. The top of the shelf may be loaded with max. 2.5 kg each.

What materials is the natural latex mattress made of?

For the mattress, we have used almost exclusively natural materials from sustainable production. The core is cast from pure natural latex and supported on the underside by a mat of coconut fibre. Both are wrapped in a soft cover made of organic cotton. Only one side of the cover, which is on the underside of the mattress, is based on a synthetic material: recycled PET. We would have liked to use a natural material here, but so far none can meet the requirements of being both air-permeable and abrasion-resistant.

What makes the RIAB natural latex mattress so special?

Our natural latex mattress stands out in three ways: its sustainability, its promotion of truly healthy sleep and its price. The materials we use are all sustainably sourced and 100% natural (with the exception of the recycled PET on the underside of the cover). Our natural latex core contains no petroleum and does not emit any harmful gases. The point-elastic core adapts optimally to your body in every lying position and prevents back pain and tension. And so that as many people as possible can enjoy the natural latex mattress, we offer it at a particularly favourable price.

Where is the natural latex mattress made?

The mattress is produced in Europe.

Which degree of hardness does the natural latex mattress correspond to?

The mattress can be described as medium firm. We have not defined a degree of firmness, as this is usually not very meaningful.

For which bed types is the natural latex mattress suitable?

The mattress is suitable for all bed types and can be used on almost any slatted frame and of course our Bed 2.0.

Who is the natural latex mattress suitable for?

Our natural latex mattress is suitable for people weighing up to 100 kg (from a width of 140 cm it is designed for 2 people weighing 100 kg each). The point-elastic core supports your body optimally, regardless of the position in which you sleep. The natural materials also make the mattress the ideal sleeping surface for allergy sufferers.

Is the mattress also suitable for people with back pain?

Absolutely! The natural latex mattress supports your body optimally and prevents back pain and tension. You can use the mattress even if you already have back pain. Of course, you can test the mattress yourself for 30 days without any risk. If you don't like it, simply send it back to us free of charge. Please note that you may experience some tension during the first few days as your body first has to get used to the new mattress. So give yourself and your new mattress some time to get used to it.

Can I have a trial sleep on the mattress?

Since it always takes some time for the body to get used to a new mattress, you can test our natural latex mattress for 30 nights to see if it suits you. If it doesn't, simply send it back to us free of charge.

What do I do if I don't like the natural latex mattress?

You can take 30 nights to test the mattress thoroughly. If you are not satisfied, we will pick it up again free of charge and refund the purchase price.

Why is the natural latex mattress only available up to a width of 140 cm?

Natural latex is a rather heavy material, which brings our 140 cm mattress to a proud weight of 38 kg. As we want to make shipping as easy, fast and cheap as possible instead of using a forwarding agency, mattress widths over 140cm are unfortunately not possible at the moment due to their high weight. However, you can order a double cover to connect the mattresses together. A gap between the individual mattresses is then no longer noticeable.

Is the mattress cover removable and washable?

Yes, thanks to the zip you can easily remove the cover and wash it at 40 °C in the washing machine.

Can I use the mattress without a sheet?

You can also sleep without a sheet on the soft cotton cover. It can be easily removed thanks to the zip and machine washed at 40 °C. A separate changeable cover is available here

Can I use the mattress straight after unpacking?

Yes! While the natural latex mattress usually takes a few days to fully expand, it is nonetheless ready for use right away, providing you with its full comfort.

How do I put the mattress on my bed correctly?

You can recognise the underside of your mattress on the one hand by the white cover made of recycled PET and on the other hand by the coconut mat that is hidden directly under the cover. Both serve to protect your mattress. There is no defined head or foot end.

How long does it take to get used to my new natural latex mattress?

Especially if you have not slept on a latex mattress before, your body will need a few nights to get used to the new mattress. Even tension is not uncommon during the acclimatisation phase. So that you can convince yourself of the mattress at your leisure, we give you the opportunity to try it out for 30 nights. If it doesn't fit, we'll pick it up again and refund your money.

How can I care for my natural latex mattress?

Basically, you should make sure that your mattress is well aired during the day and that moisture can escape. To do this, it is sufficient to remove the duvet. The mattress core airs out even better if you open the cover and fold it over. This should be done about once a month for at least 6 hours. The mattress cover can be completely removed and washed at 40°C in the washing machine. To evenly load the mattress and prolong its life, we recommend that you turn it 180° every 6 months - i.e. the head end becomes the foot end.You can recognise the mattress by the white cover made of recycled PET and the coconut mat that is hidden directly under the cover. Both serve to protect your mattress. There is no defined head or foot end.

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